Wednesday, December 19, 2012

**Queue Superhero Music**

With our finances combined...

we have achieved...

a positive net worth!

This is the first time in my financial life that my net worth has not been red! Perry's townhouse helped a lot.  Especially since it has gone up in value since my husband (No, the novelty of that word has not yet worn off  :) ) purchased it a little over two years ago.  Assets!!  We have assets!

As mentioned in my previous post, our payments lost momentum as we planned our wedding.  Now that the wedding is done, we're on to the next goal: Saving up $3,500.  Until then, creditors get minimum payments.  Given that this is overtime season for me and freelance season for Perry, we should have our savings built up in relatively short order.
I'm in the process of switching from my big chain bank to Perry's small credit union.  I'm so excited to be rid of my bank.  The credit union has people that answer the phone rather than machines!

Here is the big ol' list of debts and their payoff statuses:

Direct Deposit Advance - $0/$550
Store Card 1 - $0/$323
Credit Card 1 - $0/$400
Line of Credit 1 - $0/$510
Credit Card 2 - $0/$685
Store Card 2 - $0/$2,798
Auto Loan 1 - $0/$4,140
Student Loan 1 - $797/$1,951
Student Loan 2 - $1,167/$3,148
Credit Card 5 - $1,878/$1,700
Credit Card 4 - $2,845/$4,577
401k Loan (Tuition) - $1,958/$2,400
Line of Credit 2 - $3,226/$5,000
Student Loan 3 - $3,438/$5,614
Credit Card 3 - $4.853/$5,150
Student Loan 4 - $4,925/$6,048
Auto Loan 2 - $5,553/$10,000

TOTAL REMAINING - $30,639/$54,944

There is something about seeing a balance below $1,000 that gets me excited to pay off some debt.  I guess balances without commas just seem far less daunting.  We've got some things coming up that will very likely affect our finances in a positive direction.  We'll see what the new year brings.  I can't wait to cross off more of those lines!
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