Sunday, August 22, 2010

It's about time I take another one down!!

It has been a while since I was last able to make one of these posts!! I sent off the final payment for Store Card 2 this morning! Goodbye, 29% interest rate!!

Direct Deposit Advance - $0/$550
Store Card 1 - $0/$323
Credit Card 1 - $0/$400
Line of Credit - $0/$510
Credit Card 2 - $0/$685
Store Card 2 - $0/$2,798 - PAID!!
Credit Card 4 - $4,098/$5,150
Credit Card 3 - $4,064/$4,577
Auto Loan - $3,195/$4,140
Student Loan 1 - $1,876/$1951
Student Loan 2 - $2,650/$3,148
Student Loan 3 - $5,407/$5,614
Student Loan 4 - $5,748/$6,048

Total paid to date (including interest): $9,283.15

Next on the chopping block is another credit card. After I paid off all of my smaller balances (those under $1,000), I decided to stray from the Dave Ramsey plan a bit. My momentum and my financial discipline are pretty well established at this point, so I'm comfortable tweaking my pay off the higher interest rates first. September should bump me over the $10k mark! Woohoo!!

In apartment-deck-gardening news, we picked over two pints of cherry tomatoes yesterday. They're growing faster than the girls can eat them now, so there are finally enough for me and some to share! The green peppers are getting big and I can't wait to chomp into those. A squirrel has taken a liking to our peas (and nothing else), so we haven't gotten any of those yet. There's still time before the end of the season. I hope s/he's enjoying having some fresh produce. Especially since I usually only feed the wildlife moldy bread. Mmmmmm.... Spores...

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